Workout Chronicles Day Two

So, Day #2. I’d have been here sooner but it took me this long to drag myself home. Today was legs day. Now I have four useless appendages (don’t even go there …!) being hauled around on this torso. It’s a good thing I have two days off because on Friday Richard tells me he we’re going to work on my ‘core’. Like I’m a freakin’ apple? My core is covered by fat that keeps it warm. I don’t want my core getting cold. It shrivels when it’s cold. I walked back to the office this morning – I guess it was more like shuffled. I couldn’t lift my leg over the seat of the bike – just too heavy! So my bike had a play date with all the cars at the gym. No dents so I’m assuming it was a good date. Now I think I am going to nap for two full days. Maybe I can just dream my way thin. I asked Richard if they had a plan to skip the next six weeks & I could just get to the svelt part right away. Alas, such is not to be. Stay tuned folks. More to come.


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