Workout Chronicles Day 3

No personal training today. Yay! There are muscles screaming at me that I didn’t know I had. Personally, I think they belong to someone else because they’ve never shown their painful little selves before today. Did you know that there are 1,800 seconds in 30 minutes? That is one thousand eight hundred seconds, each of which lasts for an hour when you are ‘training’. Last night I was sleeping nicely & decided to roll over & lo & behold, my body said “self, you ain’t goin’ nowhere”. I was frozen like one of those people in the movies that is injected with something that freezes them. So I started with my toes – I really didn’t know there were that many muscles in your toes – or that they could hurt like that without stubbing them. Gawd! Well eventually I dragged my sorry ass upright & tried to stand. That didn’t work so I flopped back into bed, woke my bride & asked her to cover me because my arms are still too weak. I got that sideways look – then she picked up the pillow & I swear I could hear her thinking ‘a minute or so, that’s all it takes’. I refused to let her see the fear in my eyes – well actually I closed them & it hurt to try to open them. She must have had a change in heart because I’m here to testify. Now to get my sorry arse off this chair & step into the shower. I don’t think I’ll be swinging my leg over my bike this morning – maybe I’ll take public transit? Have a good day all.


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