Workout Chronicles – Day Whatever?

If you look under my “Manners” link, you’ll see how I would really like it if people didn’t cuss in this forum? Well I really really want to be the first one to break that rule. How is it possible that two appendages that I have carried around all of my life, used every single day of my life, cared for, broken only three times, rarely abused with heavy manual labour, can fail me so miserably? I’ve only had two Monday workouts & already I am developing a strong dislike for Monday. And it is second only to Richard, my PT. I’m convinced that he thinks I’m nuts. He gives me encouragement & tells me to keep with it, but all I can hear is “What you doing you fat old fart? You should be off somewhere fishing, pounding back a pile o’beer, & eatin’ Cheetos by the bag!” Today I had to do these dumbass er, sorry, that should be dumbbell, exercises with 5 pound weights above shoulder height. Well I did 15 okay. That is if you count having to go down to the 2 pounder half way through as ‘okay’. By the next five of the next set I was down to using no weights – even my bloody hands were too heavy – if I could’ve dropped them to the floor I would. I felt pretty foolish with all these people around me hefting heavy duty weights around like they were a bag of Old Dutch, and here I am flailing the air like a dying duck without any feathers. After the 24 hours session was done I literally dragged my towel & water bottle into the change room. I know the clanking down the stairs was annoying as hell, but at that point I really didn’t care. I tried to take my shirt off but couldn’t raise my arms. With my teeth I dragged my bag off the shelf to the floor, & again used my teeth to pull my street clothes off the rack & drop them into the bag. I then tied the towel to the bag (no shoulder straps) & just dragged the whole mess out to my truck. I am sure I heard giggles behind me on the way out the door – I hope I wasn’t dragging my personals behind the bag? My arms had recovered enough by this time that I was able to start the truck, but I ended up driving home with my knees. Have you ever seen those people that drive as their taught, at 10 o’clock & 2 o’clock, and when the turn it’s 10 o’clock to 9 o’clock, and 1 o’clock to 2 o’clock, and backwards again to straighten out? Try doing that with your knees. I think my neighbor might be mad about the sudden brake marks in his lawn leading up to his sun bench. If I had use of my arms I would just replace his with our identical one, but …! I was so bagged that the couch called me over & we had some intimate time before I recovered enough to get back to work – which is a whole ‘nother story! On the plus side, I’m sleeping like a baby, which I haven’t really done well for quite a while now! It’s 5:10 pm. I’m off to bed. G’night all.


2 comments on “Workout Chronicles – Day Whatever?

  1. Dawn Moorhead says:

    I love your detailed description of your life altering journey you are taking. You should become a writer in you retirement, I could read your stories forever. Time to start your memoirs. Can’t wait to read them.

  2. shamelesstwist says:

    I met the owner of your gym today. What a really nice guy!

    I’m proud of you, Dad.

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