Day – Who Bloody Cares!

You know when they say that exercise is good for you?  It’ll make you stronger.  Well at my age it’s just a way of telling you how really badly out of shape you are & you haven’t a hope in hell of ever being buff.  I don’t want to be buff.  I just don’t want to be in pain every time I lift something heavier than a sandwich.  Today we did the “step long, twist left, twist right” plus some squats and weird side steps for 30 long freakin’ minutes.  I was good for about twenty minutes, which really wasn’t too bad, but on the third set of reps I could have cheerfully cut my legs off & bought myself one of those boards that you see legless dogs running around on.  On top of it all, part of their ‘training’ is getting you to eat your big meal in the morning.  Well on top of three large glasses of water I have two eggs, toast, cottage cheese and a 12 ounce fruit smoothie.  I can only pray that nobody sees the kaleidoscope of colour when I hurl the whole mess up.  But I know this is going to be worth it in the end.  Not just for me but for my bride.  Keep up your encouragement folks with both the exercise and this blog.  I really appreciate it on both counts. For now I’m going to drop my sorry butt into bed & see if sleep will revive them at all. On the brighter side, I’m off until Tuesday.  Blessed bloody relief!  G’night all.


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