Push Ups

Push ups!  Is there a more cruel punishment that does not involve whips, chains or other instruments of torture?  Lay face down on the floor then lift your entire body weight to full extension on two sticks that already feel like they’ve been tenderized with a hammer.  Then lower (read ‘drop’) yourself so that your schnoz is mashed into the mat, cutting off your air supply until you find the strength to raise yourself enough for a fresh breath before you pass out!  Honestly people, the only good push up is a bra, and that’s only hearsay from a comfort perspective.  Visually it can be quite enticing …, oops – shiny things!  I digress, was it some psychotic phys ed teacher that dreamed this one up (the exercise guys, not the bra – we already know who is responsible for that)?  Push ups should join the ranks of the electric chair, or hanging.  They have no place in modern society.  I’m off to another torture session this morning so I can see how many more muscles I can abuse that I never even knew that I had.  I think today is ‘core’ day.  Isn’t the core of something that part that is good and stable and should never be messed with, never mind rude things like crunches or the other myriad of contortions to which it is subjected?  Pray for me please.  Good day all!


Give me your two bits worth!

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