Thanksgiving & cause for Thanx.

I was laying in bed at 6:00 this morning, after spending the weekend climbing arena rails at the FCA Finals, avoiding kickin’, snortin’ & snottin’ broncs and bulls, thinking that I really don’t want to drag my sorry pained ass out of bed this holiday Monday to go to the gym for 08:30.  My alarm is set for 07:00.  At 06:48 my cell phone rings.  Since all friends & family know that if you call me at that ridiculous hour it had better be an emergency, I was awakened & alarmed.  So in my usual “this had better be damned important” voice, I answered my phone.  It was Tyler (my replacement trainer)“Oh crap” thinks I “I’ve slept in.”  I look at my alarm clock.  “Nope.  I’m good there.”  Tyler has called to tell me that he arrived at the gym this a.m. with pinkeye.  “Pinkeye”  thinks I, “isn’t that something that little wee girls get when they break into their moms makeup?”  But he wants to re-schedule – bless his heart.  I do.  He does.  It is truly a cause to be thankful!  And I am.  Now, about tomorrow morning … hmmm!


2 comments on “Thanksgiving & cause for Thanx.

  1. Maggie says:

    You’re hilarious. I’m one of Jody’s online friends, and I’m glad I listened to her and checked out your blog. I’ve subscribed to it too, so I’m looking forward to new tales of woe. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanx Maggie. All encouragement is gratefully received. They may be irregular but I’m pretty much limited by the quality of the pain that allows me to move, or not to move, as the case may be. Thank you again. Regards Don

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