Belles, bells & other stuff!

Well today I was back at it after a two week hiatus.  Ughhh!!!  Again.  Push ups.  Bra.  What more can I say?  But my pre-pushups was interesting?  We have some very good looking ladies at the gym – probably some good looking guys too but I’ll leave that up to you ladies to notice, thank you.  Anyway, being a typical male I have had my head turned suddenly by these lovelies on occasion, leaving me with some spastic revolutions in my neck that I could do without.  Anyway, this morning I am warming up with twenty minutes (YES, 20 minutes without passing out!!!) on the treadmill.  Got my iPod buds in & I’m rockin’ out to Allanah Myles’ “Kick Start My Heart”.  Around the corner comes a regular, but today she is sportin’ a brand new outfit.  And what an outfit it was.  She has curves in all the right places, but now she has really nice curves in all the right places, accentuated by a colourful workout wardrobe.  As she waltzes on by of course my eyes follow her and of course I turn somewhat on the speeding treadmill, which causes my foot to hook on the side rail, throwing everything into a total uproar and in an unholy heap I am flung from the treadmill and into the nearby steel pillar.  I am unsure if the pillar is actually still ringing or if it is my head, but I can still hear bells pealing.  Fortunately the lovely lady I was oogling didn’t see me, but the lovely lady on the treadmill next to me was laughing uproariously, causing me some embarrassment.  That was quickly alleviated however when she said to me that she had barely missed doing exactly the same thing because really, the woman was quite stunning.  With my ego somewhat assuaged I went on to do my pushups and other forms of physical torture for the morning.  I hope I don’t get a bill for the pillar.  The place is under construction anyway eh?


2 comments on “Belles, bells & other stuff!

  1. Maggie says:

    I hear ya! Our gym is here in town, a college town, and it seems there are lovely people to look at everywhere. I haven’t fallen yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

    • Ahyup. Ours is too. My wife has chatized me, as have some of my friends, for my wandering eye, but hell’s belles, fine art can be appreciated at any age. And the gym is sometimes a fine gallery of art. Just be careful of what else you’re doing while you appreciate it! Have a goodun’ Maggie.

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