Six Week Review (aka – what in hell am I doin’?)

Well, this morning’s regular workout was replaced by a review of my progress.  I hate progress reports!  Really, I bust my derriere so I can feel better, and I do.  Then I get the news that I’ve put on just about 5 more pounds!  Keriminee.  But the good news is 3 of those were muscle (according to the BMI thingy).  So all is not too bad.  Plus I was eating restaurant food for ten solid days, which will screw up any good workout regimen.  I can do double the pushups that I could in the beginning, about 12% more situps & about 7% more in squats PLUS I can walk for bloody ever (provided there are no nubile wenches wandering about to distract & kill me).  Naw, overall I am just very pleased to be feeling better.  Next will come the weight along with wind.  Me & my lungs are not friends – never have been.  I’m one of those people that go to beat hell for a hundred meters, you’d be hard pressed to keep up with me.  But after that my oxygen levels can’t keep up with the usage & I go down like a hooker at Grey Cup.  Ah well, onward & upward.


Give me your two bits worth!

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