K K K K K Kramps!

Growing up & growing older, I’ve always been plagued by leg cramps, usually in my calves, but occasionally in my thighs. Usually they’ll sneak up on me when I am asleep – nicely relaxed & warm, then I make that oh so wonderful stretch that is one of the joys of waking up slowly. Then WHAM! I leap naked from bed, trying to find someplace ice cold on which to put my foot, lean to strecth out the muscles, grunting as the muscle spasms, but trying not to wake up my bride. It doesn’t usually work – the not waking my bride part, so she giggles at my naked agony, while whispering concerned words over a lecherous smile. Any way you look at them they hurt like hell. This morning, while doing my leg workouts, which involves hauling 20 lbs weights up an above knee height stand, fifteen times per side. I was having a little bit of a problem with my left knee where I broke it a number of years back, so I was favouring the damn thing when suddenly the bottom of my right calf twisted into a knot you couldn’t tie with a rope makin’ machine. Oh my …, sonova …, & numerous other expletives that brought absolutely no relief. The only saving grace is I wasn’t naked & my bride wasn’t watching. In any event I am totally hobbled today, which is something that hasn’t happened for quite some time. I’m thinking that maybe muscles that are conditioned are less forgiving when you do stupid things, like drink too much whiskey & tequila on Friday night & paying for it three days later. Welcome to the late 50’s. Ughn!


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