Winter, Wii Fit & Mii

It’s -21 Celsius (or for my American friends to the south – that freakin’ cold) today. My workout was scheduled for 12:00 noon. I like to arrive a half hour early & sort of give myself some torture before Rich works me over. Call me a masochist, I dunno. Anyways, I fire up my truck to warm up & low & behold it won’t start. Too many short hauls around the City of late to adequately charge the batteries, which on a diesel, uses alot of cranking power. But no go. So I drag out the old battery charger/booster & get it all hooked up & still no go. Got to leave it to accumulate some ohms or whatever the hell it is that they accumulate to make my truck start. Too late to get to the gym by the time I get done all this buggerin’ about so I dutifully call my girl of the handgun (she doesn’t like the name “Snuff Queen”) & let her know I won’t be in today – I think I detected a sign of relief there? But I really need to work out – I don’t want any backward sliding. EPIFANY! We have a Wii & I know we have the Wii Fit disc. Now if I can figure out how to run it. Drag out the pink foot pad thingy. Had to change the batteries on that, then on the Potter’s wizard wand as well. A few toys around here won’t be working for a bit yet. Well I get it running. Up come the characters. I see the one that I was “assigned” by my girlz a couple of years back so I dutifully select my character. Once “Howard” is loaded I am informed by the little Wii Snot Genie that it has been a very long time since I’ve visited – “Would you like to see what shape your in?” Idiot – I did it. It’s not bad enough that the kidz at the gym look at me a little weird, but now I’ve got the Wii Snot saying things like “Oh, you’re overweight” or “You need to work on getting your body mass index down”. I’d sure like to see how skinny that little snot is? Well I got through that & dropped three pounds by taking off shoes, socks, jeans (including belt & buckle). So here I am in my skivvies & a shirt. Windows are closed so no neighbours are looking in. Linda’s at work. Yes! I can do this. So for 60 minutes I do all sorts of inanities to the tune of the Wii Widgets with a bunch of other Mii’s who have all the personality of a bowl of tofu. BUT, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t really get a good workout with a Wii. Not that I’m gonna give up the gym – at least they don’t have the Wii Snot Genie there. She kills me. When I step on the board she lets out a little “Ooh” squeak, like I’d snuck up behind her and …, oh never mind. Just know it’s really annoying. But I’m afraid I’ve fallen in love with the Yoga instructer. She always tells me that I have great balance, and never says a thing about how hairy I am, but I don’t really think that’s gonna count for too much in her “I’d go out with that hairy fat old bugger” life choice book. Anyway, the truck is now started & I must go get & the make a nice dinner for my Wii Bride. And that’s all folks!!!


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