This is my blog.  It is my musings on my world, the people in it and the people who have touched it.  Most of it makes me laugh, and will hopefully make you laugh too.  Some of it is not funny, but that’s life.  Your comments are welcome, but I have rules – sorry, again, it’s my blog.  They are:
1:  Use spell check – type what you want to say to me or my world in Word or some such similar word processing program  & then spell & grammar check it, please.  Then copy & paste it to the comment area.  What you have to say is, I believe, important, even if it doesn’t fall in line with my thinking.
2.  Cussin’ is out!  Don’t get me wrong, I can cuss with the best of you.  But I want everyone to be able to read this & not feel uncomfortable.  If you want to use LMAO or WTF even, I’m game, but cussin’ is out.  If you insist on cussin’ I’m either going to not allow it in the “Your Thoughts” section, or if I think you have something of merit to add, I’m going to edit it.  Clear?
3.  4.  You can disagree with me.  You can agree.  If your points are valid I will consider them & let everyone else consider them.  But if I think you’re an idiot (& Rule #1 has a large factor in that thought process) I’ll just hit “Delete” & your thoughts can wander around the galactica interweb with so many other obtuse ramblings (some of which are mine too).
4.  My blog is subject to my rules, which are subject to my edification.


Give me your two bits worth!

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